18th - 2006Sacred KingfisherRichard Fackender
17th - 2004Robberfly On DaisyJenni Horsnell FAPS, AFIAP
16th - 2002Owl FlyingLeslie Benedek FAPS
15th - 2001NT JabiruNeville Male EFIAP, FAPS
14th - 2000Azure Kingfisher Leaving NestGary Weber MFIAP, FRPS, FAPS
13th - 1999Bee Easter With DragonflyGary Weber MFIAP, FRPS, FAPS
12th - 1998Little CorellaWilliam Scott
11th - 1997Red Dragonfly #3John Cooper EFIAP, FAPS
10th - 1996Damsel FlyJanusz-Roman Kleczkowski LAPS
9th - 1995Bright And BeautifulLyn Adrian
8th - 1994Cicada RestingGary Bradford
7th - 1993Spider Guarding YoungShand Reader LAPS
6th - 1992Brolga Over EggsJohn Cooper AAPS
5th - 1991Frog LeapGary Weber FRPS, EFIAP, FAPS
4th - 1990Major And His MissusChas Tackle AAPS
3rd - 1989Wet Drilling #2Ray Faggotter LAPS
2nd - 1988Slender Stemmed BeautyDon McLaren
1st - 1987Defenceless LizardCarol Drew ARPS, AAPS
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